2013 Was a Great Year for AntFarm!

Thanks to staff, community volunteers and youth in 2013 our organically cultivated farm raised 10,000 pounds of produce for our farmers market and for donation to community members and programs.

In 2013 we started renovation on our Outdoor Learning space. This building, which is located just a few blocks west of the Cafe and Indoor Learning spaces, houses our Can and Bottle Recycling Center and other Outdoor Learning programs. Our Can and Bottle program has been to able to pay rent for the Cafe and Indoor Learning sites. We are thankful to Steve Thorstad, with the help of adult and youth volunteers, for their hard work and dedication. Other programs that will run out of this space are AntFarm Outdoor Adventure, Community Connect and AntFarm's organic agricultural projects and farmers market.

Last year we were successful in our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that would later help us to open our cafe. The cafe is now running and serving coffee, tea, gelato and pastries and also provides meeting space to individuals and groups.

We appreciate the support and owe a great deal to many of you for our growth and successes in the Cafe and other AntFarm programs! Thank you!

About AntFarm

AntFarm is a culturally safe and healthy community space to be utilized for networking, support, and learning. It is a hub for Woape activities and a community center for the local area with activities occurring on site, in the community, and in the nearby mountain areas.

Activities are provided through various venues addressing a wide range of needs including individual and group support, tutoring, mental health and addictions counseling, art and music development, support for domestic violence safety, educational tutoring, work skills development, life skills training, problem solving support, and decision making. Services and activities are provided in collaboration with faith based programs, social service agencies, law enforcement and justice programs, schools, and local businesses.

Ant Farm is located at 39140 Proctor Blvd, Sandy OR 97055.(Map)

Our Work

AntFarm was established to engage youth in experiencing the outdoors and the natural environment. These outdoor classrooms create impactful, lasting, healthy, educational and recreational experiences. AntFarm offers the following outdoor classroom experiences: AntFarm Community Garden, AnFarm YouthCore, Antfarm CommunityConnect, and AntFarm Outdoor Adventure.

The AntFarm Community Garden teaches work skills and agricultural science from the ground up. From garden to table this classroom teaches nutrition, organic food cultivation, soil conservation, and opportunities to learn about safe food handling and preservation. The garden naturally provides opportunities for team building and establishes a work ethic. Food that is grown in the garden is donated to local food banks and meal sites. It is also used in the AntFarm Cafe and sold at farmers markets. Reduced rate gift cards for the farmers market are available to families and individuals seeking healthy, nutritional and locally grown produce. Please call 503- 668-9955 for more information.

AntFarm CommunityConnect develops meaningful relationships between youth, elders and community members through hard work, stories and teamwork. Youth participate in various community events. AntFarm youth perform jobs such as home and yard management tasks that can be difficult to accomplish without support.

AntFarm YouthCore removes barriers for youth by providing opportunities in an outdoor work environment. YouthCore benefits conservation efforts, trail building and maintenance along with community and public land projects. It is a workforce development program teaching and supporting skills required for success.

What is Woape

Pronounced woh-ah-pay. Woape is a nonprofit organization which supports AntFarm. The vision of Woape is to support young people, families, adults and communities develop health and happiness through the discovery of hope.

The mission of Woape is to provide community and occupation based teaching using indoor and outdoor classrooms of experiences supporting spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development and well-being.

Woape was founded in 1997 as a youth and family service organization established to teach healthy ecology, environmental awareness, individual psychosocial development, conscious decision making, and community service. With ongoing requests from the local community and youth organizations, the Board of Directors moved into Sandy, Oregon to create AntFarm. Woape means “hope” in the Lakota language.


Humans are experiencing a disconnection with each other and the natural world. Children increasingly choose inside play with electronic games, TV, and the intranet to outdoors. Research is finding a narrowing of the senses, a rise in physical ailments, and increased behavioral health concerns.

Understanding of the disconnection to the natural world has become an alarming concern. Therefore, Occupational Science has emerged as a leading field in researching the critical importance of humans to be fully occupational beings and that deprivation of occupations (life activities) leads to illness, unhappiness, and decreased functioning. The World Federation of Occupational Science has identified Occupational Justice is a leading issue worldwide for continued poverty, lack of well being and human suffering.

Woape believes in hope and the ability to discover meaningful, purposeful, and enjoyable occupations. We have worked for years with youth in the capacity of building stronger individuals whom are civic minded and relationship based. We believe to strengthen the character and integrity of the next generation will support healthier and happier communities. Woape has chosen AntFarm to be a unique blend of outdoor classrooms, indoor classrooms, social services, and business.

Café and Bakery

AntFarm’s Café and Bakery is a youth services program teaching healthy lifestyles, job skills, customer service, and a variety of day to day life skills. Youth learn the art of creating healthy and organic food from the garden. Sales of healthy foods and drinks will support long term sustainability for Woape’s mission in Sandy and NE Clackamas County.

AntFarm’s café & Bakery serves breakfast and lunch, with an emphasis on locally grown, organic, and tasty food. Creating and teaching about healthy dietary options is important to AntFarm so food and drink items will include basic health information for increased awareness.

Cultural arts

The Cultural and Art Center offers the community a space for school and community art, poetry, music, and photography projects, workshops developing artistic talents and culturally specific education, and a space to display personal art projects.

The Cultural and Art Center is the largest space within the AntFarm building. Designed with comfortable seating and strategically placed lighting, the community will be able to enjoy professional display of local art. Offering community support in learning, experiencing, and showing art is one of the goals in this space.

Planning is underway to develop a schedule of shows for public viewing to support youth artists in their learning. AntFarm intends to support all aspects of artistry including drawing, painting, poetry, writing, music, photography, video, and other personal ways of expression. Common themes will be offered to the youth in their creation so that the projects will support the mission of creating healthy, happiness, and community connections.

Traditional Native American Storytelling and Flute Playing as well as other expressions of culture will be scheduled for the community to come and share. Celebrating the diversity of culture is also an important goals in this space.

Performances such as poetry reading, singing, and playing music will also be shared to encourage community coming together to celebrate the expressions of our community members.

Axis Learning

AntFarm’s Axis Learning Center is a study and computer lab which has state of the art technology where local middle and high school students and adult mentors & tutors accomplish educational and vocational goals. Through structured and unstructured teaching and support, students will increase academic and learning performance.

Dave Eggers, New York Times bestselling author, opened a tutoring center in San Francisco where he connected inner city kids with professionals in the publishing world. This center, known as 826 Valencia demonstrates success in meeting youth need.

The Axis Learning Center offers youth a focused and supportive learning environment for afterschool learning, homework, GED instruction, and credit recovery.

The Axis Learning Center also offers local citizens access to the internet and workshops. Learning from successful educational and vocational service centers, individualized and group instructions are being designed as an aspect of learning. In the area of job skills training, workshops are being prepared to teach the following: Career Mapping, Resume, Computer skills, and Social Media. In addition, creating educational lessons for educational goals such as credit recovery, afterschool homework, and GED training are being developed. Developing an environment that supports learning for all people is important to AntFarm in building and supporting a strong community.

AntFarm Events