What is AntFarm?

AntFarm became a non-profit organization in 1997 with a dedication to help youth and families develop health, happiness, and a deeper sense of hope through meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable life activities. For over 16 years we have supported youth in being stronger individuals whom are civic minded. We believe to strengthen the character and integrity of youth will support our community. Our programs have evolved from need and have now proven successful. We have indoor classrooms and outdoor classrooms of experience. Homework, hiking, artistry, baking bread, building trails, gardening… these are a few of the activities we do.

AntFarm is built on community collaboration with no barriers. We work together to help in whatever way we can. It has been an amazing experience to witness young and old work together to help each other. Whether it is through CommunityConnect and helping senior citizens or growing food in the garden and distributing tons of food to those in need, AntFarm is consistent in helping with a smile and respecting all.

Our programs have evolved from hard work and with community support to make positive impact to our youth, families and community. There is no single factor that creates success at AntFarm; rather it is everyone working together to accomplish our goals. We continue to be thankful for the hundreds of hours of volunteer support, the amazing depth in the developing relationships, and the selfless service in helping others.

If you would like information on the up and coming farmers market click here.


Have you been craving something delicious but haven't found that one thing to satisfy your need? Look no further, we have found it! AntFarm has something delicious for everyone... whether your craving an amazing breakfast sandwich (made w/homemade English muffins or bagels), a freshly baked pastry, or some amazing Artisan Soups.
Come in today and try us out... we are sure to please. :)

*Remember, your Cafe purchase goes directly to helping the youth in our community, that's 100%! Find out more @ antfarm-international.com
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Bill BliesnerI had a great sandwich and potato salad today. The breakfast burrito is also great.8 hours ago

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What a great hike we had on Saturday! Thank you for everyone to embarked on our adventure. (4 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Don't let boredom take hold this weekend! Join AntFarm on Saturday for our first 2015 Outdoor Adventure!!

When: Saturday January 24th, 9am, Meet at AntFarm
Where: Hike at Enid Lake, Government Camp, 1-2 Miles
Level: Easy
Bring: Warm Clothes, Boots, Water and Lunch

Hiking Not Your Cup of Tea?! No Worries, we also have our weekly CommunityConnect projects lined up. Be a part of a great thing as we team up with you to help fellow Sandy-ites with household chores. From mowing, cleaning gutter, clearing walks to simply being company, we stay busy!

See you there! (3 photos)
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Debbee AlexEnid is awesome.6 days ago

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Looking for great place to warm up this week? Come into AntFarm and indulge in something delicious. Whether its a freshly made, hot out of the oven pastry, or your favorite coffee drink, we have you covered. ... See MoreSee Less

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Melinda RusawI love this place!!1 week ago   ·  1

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CommunityConnect is in full swing. We LOVE helping our local Elders out. It is really enjoyable to see folks light up when our young people help them do things that they can not do themselves. We got sent this photo from the crew's work today... :) ... See MoreSee Less

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