Humble Beginnings

In July of 2010 seven young people became the first work crew of AntFarm. This crew did the demolition on a downtown vacant business building and jack hammered out concrete to plant kiwi, apple trees, and blueberries. This was the beginning of AntFarm. Now, four years later, AntFarm has offered NE Clackamas County support, teaching, and demonstration of what it means to live, play, and work in community. Here are a few of our accomplishments.


  1. AntFarm has seen over 650 young people since beginning construction in 2010.
  2. AntFarm CommunityConnect began with Ken Hovda, a local retired community member of 65 years working side by side with teenagers to help other community members with outside tasks that were difficult to achieve. Since this first began 2 ½ years ago, we have been in over 300 homes helping seniors who could not have done the tasks themselves.
  3. AntFarm has employed over 185 youth in minimum wage positions in AntFarm YouthCore.
  4. AntFarm has been growing a community of volunteers including two AmeriCorps CCC teams in 2013 and 2014. Each year service hours have increased and in 2013 we had 22,410 volunteer hours.
  5. AntFarm has helped over 215 youth achieve employment since the first AntFarm work crew.
  6. AntFarm has partnered with over 20 agencies, organizations, and churches to build a strong network of community members working together. The National Forest, BLM, SkiBowl, and Timberline are a few of our Mount Hood partners that have been instrumental in putting local youth to work.
  7. AntFarm increased volunteer tutoring hours to 1896 in 2013.
  8. AntFarm Community Garden and Farmer’s Market grew 2000 pounds of food in 2011, 6000 pounds of food in 2011, and 10,000 pounds in 2013.
  9. Of the organic produce grown, 95% of this fresh food was given to Sandy Action Center for low income community members to enjoy.


Look at this beautiful abundance of produce grown right here in our community. Come on down to AntFarm and help us reach our goal of getting 200 produce baskets out the community!
Only $10 to fill a basket of fresh, naturally grown healthy food! See you soon :) (3 photos)
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Patricia Ann LawrenceWow, I want one 😊4 days ago   ·  1
Tana ColcordCan I donate from long distance?4 days ago   ·  1
Greg KoegelThis is very cool4 days ago
Tina MorganLooks like all peppers4 days ago
R. Renee BlakelyBeautiful4 days ago
AntFarmYes, it has been a year of abundance. Of course we would love you to help us from long-distance! Feel free to go to the AntFarm website and donate to support the garden. And yes Tina, this is a lot of peppers We have kale, tomatoes, tomatillos, and a whole lot of other vegetables still at AntFarm!4 days ago   ·  5
Lorna SleeperWhat days are these vegis available?4 days ago
Brier ChungIs this at the store front or the bottle drop off location?4 days ago
AntFarmWe have a table set up at the AntFarm Café and Bakery during open hours. Produce usually arrives and sets up around 9 am. See you there!4 days ago

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You asked and we delivered... SOUP! Carrot coconut ginger, we've already got some ready for you. See you soon;) ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you Dave for stopping in at AntFarm today. We are so excited to work with you and share our mission. :)
#DavesKillerBread. (2 photos)
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John H. Jr AshfordLooking good6 days ago   ·  1
Margaret Risley AshmoreSo good to see Dave out and about again!6 days ago   ·  1
Ellen SimonisWish he still made a bread on nut-free equipment. :(6 days ago   ·  1

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Only went there once but it was fun.
Would love to go there again.
Great coffee.
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We want to see your talent!! Sign-up today or drop in to participate!

Want to sharpen your writing skills or get over your writers block? Join us at AntFarm as we begin "Creative Writing" classes this October.
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Rebekah TatkovskyWhoa, wish I could be there for that.1 week ago
AntFarmTomorrows the day! Don't miss out :)5 days ago
AntFarmThe Poetry Slam was very successful. What a great group... and thanks to Cassandra for organizing and getting it going. This was our first one and it was amazing!4 days ago   ·  1

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