What is AntFarm?

AntFarm became a non-profit organization in 1997 with a dedication to help youth and families develop health, happiness, and a deeper sense of hope through meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable life activities. For over 16 years we have supported youth in being stronger individuals whom are civic minded. We believe to strengthen the character and integrity of youth will support our community. Our programs have evolved from need and have now proven successful. We have indoor classrooms and outdoor classrooms of experience. Homework, hiking, artistry, baking bread, building trails, gardening… these are a few of the activities we do.

AntFarm is built on community collaboration with no barriers. We work together to help in whatever way we can. It has been an amazing experience to witness young and old work together to help each other. Whether it is through CommunityConnect and helping senior citizens or growing food in the garden and distributing tons of food to those in need, AntFarm is consistent in helping with a smile and respecting all.

Our programs have evolved from hard work and with community support to make positive impact to our youth, families and community. There is no single factor that creates success at AntFarm; rather it is everyone working together to accomplish our goals. We continue to be thankful for the hundreds of hours of volunteer support, the amazing depth in the developing relationships, and the selfless service in helping others.


A blustery fall day like today calls for a goodie to get you going. Lemon poppyseed, carrot cake, and bran muffins fresh out of the oven, along with all our other goodies. ... See MoreSee Less

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I may have been too late to purchase those pumpkins, but AntFarm has a delicious gluten-free brownie with pecans for only $2. YUMMY! (And I do not even need to eat gluten free, but well worth the taste! :) ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you Sandy Oregon!!
When we decided to launch our pumpkin fundraiser we didn't think we'd even come close to selling them all. Not only did we sell them ALL- 1477 to be exact- but we raised quite a bit of money to support our youth and our programs.

Be sure to check out our Christmas Trees at AntFarm Outdoors, coming soon... (2 photos)
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Cheryl AndersI love your program:)3 days ago
Susa BeeWoweeeee!3 days ago
Darlene Lamb-AtkinsonYaaay!!!3 days ago
Cheryl ReeseThat's awesome! Thank you for selling them!😊3 days ago
AntFarmThanks to everyone who helped by purchasing a pumpkin or volunteered to deliver the pumpkins to the AntFarm building.3 days ago   ·  2
LaDonna Miller CastleThose are some nice looking squash - I missed out - Next year I will not hesitate to get in on the sale.2 days ago   ·  1
Don Vicki UlmenThat is wonderful!2 days ago
Dave HolubNice job Jme2 days ago
Patricia Ann LawrenceI was going to buy more 😜2 days ago
AntFarmWe still have some small squash for sale. :)2 days ago
Sara SwitzlerHow much will Christmas trees run?2 days ago
AntFarmHi Sara,1 day ago   ·  1
AntFarmHi Sara, We are still figuring all of this out. We are putting a youth crew together to work on this project with the thoughts of doing some work readiness support. We are talking with local farmers and seeing what makes sense since we need to be able to raise some money for our youth crews. Stay tuned and we will get you some information!1 day ago   ·  1

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It is here- gluten free bread! Try your favorite sandwich on your choice of gluten free rye, gluten free whole grain, or gluten free white bread.
You can also order loaves of bread. Order today or tomorrow and pick your fresh, made with love bread up on Thursday. See you soon!
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We are so grateful for Damon! Smiling as he makes fresh baked bread straight from our oven, beautiful pastries, and more!
Come in today and try one of Damon's masterpieces...

P.S. Canelé and Bouchon are back! YUMMY!
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Judy Perrodin O'ReganReally enjoying my bread.... Thank you!7 days ago
Minerva ArbuckleDo you guys have any vegan options at the cafe? I saw you offered alternative milks for the drinks, but I'm wondering about food. Thanks!7 days ago
Trotwood Pierce CollinsLast week Damon treated me a yummy scone that came right from the oven, nice and warm and tasted amazing. Thank you again Damon your an amazing friend.7 days ago   ·  1
Janet St JulienTell damon this is his friend janet - I miss him and love him7 days ago
AntFarmDamon is a master at what he does! We have watched him study and work with gluten-free recipes for months. He has now mastered this and we have some of the best gluten-free options around. We will investigate where he is with the vegan options. Thanks for asking. More to come.6 days ago   ·  1
Kaylee BrunetteLooks great. How late are you guys open?6 days ago
AntFarmWe are open Monday thru Friday 7 am - 5 pm (6pm for tutoring) and Saturday from 9 am-3pm.6 days ago
Kaylee BrunetteYay!6 days ago
Kristina Foster-MolinaAnd they are WONDERFUL!5 days ago
Noryne RobinsonHow's that Gluten Free bread coming along? Just thought I would ask; no pressure. :)5 days ago
AntFarmWe have been serving gluten free bread for some time now... it people rave about it. Come on in Noryne and try it out!4 days ago
Noryne RobinsonI did not know that; I will definitely be in! Thanks!4 days ago

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